Common Treatment Areas for Botox Injections

Common Treatment Areas for Botox Injections

Botox is an extremely popular treatment, with the Botox injections most commonly applied to the face, relaxing the muscles and the skin. Botox injections used in this form are a fantastic way of targeting fine lines and wrinkles on the face, however this is not their only use. Botox can be used to improve the appearance of your face, targeting a whole variety of treatments areas, broken down into the upper face, the eyes and the lower face.


Upper Face Botox Treatments

Bunny Lines – Bunny lines form on the nose, appearing as creases when the nose moves in certain ways. Botox can be used to target these bunny lines, with injections on each side of the nose.

Forehead Lines – Forehead lines are a problem that most people experience as the years go by, with the movement of fat pads and muscles in the face resulting in a tired look. Botox is perfect for tackling this problem, helping to lift the brow line.

Glabella – This is the area between the eyebrows, commonly used as a key part of the facial expressions that we make on a daily basis. With this in mind, it is no surprise that lines often form within this area. However, Botox injections are a fantastic way of reducing these wrinkles and improving the appearance.


Botox Treatments for the Eyes

Crow’s Feet – This term relates to the lines that form on the corners of your eyes and is often more common in those of an older age. As they are clearly visible, they can cause real issues in relation to self-confidence, however this is where Botox can be the perfect solution.

Eyebrows – Considered to be a more advanced form of treatment, Botox is sometimes used to shape the eyebrows in a way that you are happy with. The brow can drop with age, and so this is the perfect treatment for maintaining eyebrows for you to be proud of.


Lower Face Botox Treatments

Neck and Jawline – As we age, lines often form on the neck and jawline, requiring Botox treatment to improve the appearance. Botox is used during a Nefertiti Lift, ultimately relaxing the lines around the neck and jawline.

Chin – The mentalis muscles, which are the muscles within the chin, become more active as we grow older, damaging the overall appearance of the chin. These muscles can be relaxed by Botox, enhancing the appearance.


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