How dermal fillers improve our facial structure

How dermal fillers improve our facial structure

As a nation, we’re no less obsessed with our looks than before we worked around the clock, and had less time on our hands. If anything, we’re getting more obsessed due to social media and the increased pressure on us to look good. Conveniently, cosmetic treatment technology has improved in line with demand. Now we can get our noses, cheek, lips and jawlines enhanced without a prolonged hospital stay, permanent scarring caused by stitches, or a painful recover period.


One of the most common aesthetic procedures is still rhinoplasty. Could this be because selfies naturally give us broader noses? However, a nosejob these days involves no bandages, no time off work and you’ll be able to see the results almost immediately.


Dermal fillers are the antidote to collagen-weak skin that has lost much of its elasticity due to the ageing process. Have you noticed thinner skin volume around the cheeks and temples, a jawline that is threatening to go south, or lips that have thinned with age, making you look older and feel older as a result? We can help you reverse the years, in a subtle, natural-looking way, giving you a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance that will cause your friends to comment on how ‘rested’ you’re looking, without the fact you’ve had treatment being obviously signposted.


Dermal filler treatment areas


Dermal fillers are an injectable solution to facial ageing. They consist of hyaluronic acid gels, which soak up water upon entering the skin, volumising your skin and giving it a plumper, more youthful quality. They can tone jawlines, to give them more definition, reduce dark circles under the eyes and remove deep creases in the lower face, such as the lines that run from your nose to your mouth and lower than that; the lines that run from the lips to the chin.


Additionally they can alter the shape of your nose, your lips and your chin, not to mention provide you with a full, non-invasive facelift. The name of the latter is an 8-point lift, given that you’ll be injected in 8 keys areas of your face to provide a more thorough rejuvenation.


The dermal filler procedure


Unlike surgery, dermal filler treatment is relatively pain free. You’ll receive a local anaesthetic before the fillers are injected by a member of our highly professional team. The treatment takes under half an hour to administer and you can return to normal activities straight away. You’ll also see the results straight away. Any swelling or bruising won’t take long to settle down.


Prior to this you will have attended a consultation with us. As everyone matures in a different way, our practitioner will need to assess your face to see how your skin is ageing with a view to offering you the best course of treatment. If you’re keen to find out how your looks can be restored or improved, please get in touch to book your consultation. We’ll be able to find an appointment time that’s convenient for you and help you become the best version of you again.

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