Dermal Fillers

How dermal fillers improve our facial structure

As a nation, we’re no less obsessed with our looks than before we worked around the clock, and had less time on our hands. If anything, we’re getting more obsessed due to social media and the increased pressure on us to look good. Conveniently, cosmetic treatment technology has improved in line with demand. Now we can get our noses, cheek, lips and jawlines enhanced without a prolonged hospital stay, permanent scarring caused by stitches, or a painful recover period.


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Lips fillers: what you need to know before treatment

Lip fillers are an increasingly popular treatment that no doubt you’ve been made aware of through celebrities, media personalities, and even friends and family. It’s now never been easier to achieve a fuller pout or an enhanced cupid’s bow, but there are some things you should know before you book your first treatment appointment. Here are the checks you can make before having lip fillers!


Find out who is performing your treatment

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The difference between dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction

An SWNS Digital survey recent asked 1,800 women, of an age between 50 and 70, how much they would be willing to spend on looking glamorous and the result was surprising. The average figure was £1,783 per year. Here at Westfield Aesthetics, we can provide you with real value for money without compromising on the top quality of the service and products we provide. We do this through investing in our team and our treatments such as dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction.


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