Obagi is a skin care system designed to both prevent and improve many skin conditions in adult skin including sun damage, hyper pigmentation, age spots, acne, and rosacea

Obagi encompasses a range of clinically-proven treatment programmes selected for an individual based on their skin, and what they would like to achieve.

Programmes can be designed to rejuvenate dull, damaged or lifeless skin, to minimise pigmentation, to treat acne, to prevent ageing or a combination of these. They will usually consist of a series of topical treatments provided on prescription from Westfield Aesthetics, and which may be supplemented with skin peels, though many patients find that this is not necessary.

Unlike many other skin programmes Obagi can be used safely in Asian or black patients as an effective skin treatment programme.

Each bespoke programme is selected in joint consultation with Dr Narayan, who will then prescribe the individualised regime. A follow up appointment will then be arranged to assess progress and formulate an ongoing management plan.


What is it best used for treating?
A whole range of skin conditions, including photo damage, hyper pigmentation, age spots, acne, sun damage and rosacea.

What happens during the treatment process?
Each treatment programme is bespoke, but most involve the daily application of the prescription-strength skin care products.

How long does it take for the treatment to take effect and how long will it last?
This will vary depending on the underlying issue being treated, though many report a rapid response. Dr Narayan will be able to advise on expected outcomes in an individual case.

What can go wrong?
Again Dr Narayan will advise on possible side effects, though these are rare with these prescription-only products.

How much does it cost?
Variable depending on the treatment regime chosen.

Please note the above answers are not exhaustive; any questions you have should be discussed with the Doctor during your consultation

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